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plastic keyfobs

Please click on the image for plain and printed prices. We sell plain stock of most rectangular promotional keyfobs. Keyrings are available in many different colours, including recycled versions, tinted versions, and 'galaxy' versions.

NEW !! 'Flexi Ad-Fob'

Ad-Fobs cut out of 60 x 60mm area. Flexible and fun.


Tidy, compact keyring, great value.

circular keyfob

'I1 round plastic keyfob'

Tactile round shape, very popular.

rectangular keyfob

'G1 coin opened keyring'

Opened by a coin, gives this mid-sized keyring re-usable advantages.

rectangular keyfob

'H1 promotional luggage tag'

Practical and stylish luggage tag.

rectangular keyfob


Big & beautiful, this large keyring is unmissable.

narrow keyring

'F1 printed plastic keyfob'

Neptune keyring has convex sides to really bring your graphics alive.

bottle opener keyfob


Practical strong bottle opener, high customer usage.

popular key fob


Passport photo size keyring with framed window.

NEW !! 'Mini ad loop'

This mini version is just as versatile as the standard ad-loop.



Handy to use, hard to lose.

NEW !! 'Jumbo ad-loop'

It will be hard to lose these.

key ring


Large practical image area for your graphic needs. Fits credit card and postcard proportions.



Tidy compact keyring, great value.

circle keyfob


Lottery keyring, fun & practical with good customer usage.


Tagged keyring with a PVC attachment.

rectangle keyfob

'S5 Promotional Keyring'

Classic mid sized keyring.

pear keyfob

'P5 Plastic keyfob'

Our best selling keyfob, great value.

square keyfob

'U1 Square Keyring'

Stylish mid size square keyring.

The classic way to promote your business.

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Keyring Colour Key

Flexi Ad-Fob
D2 keyring
I1 round keyfob
G1 plastic keyring
H1 Luggage tag
L4 large keyfob
F1 keyfob
R1 bottle opener
mini ad-loop
jumbo ad-loop
C1 Large keyfob
Y1 Rectangle keyfob
K2 Lottery Keyfob
S5 Keyring
P5 Keyring
U1 Square Key ring

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